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A Grimace

By BHAnis
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-05-25


A ballpoint pen drawing showing Robert De Niro making a grimace ^^


  • FaerieWarrior 26 May 2015

    lol love the expression XD

  • FerretSoul 25 May 2015

    beautiful work, i like the eyes and how you did the hair ^^

  • silentwolf9876 25 May 2015

    Haha! Reminds me of my grandfather, the drawing looks amazing by the way.

  • SasaSahara 25 May 2015

    This looks really awesome! Well done :)

  • pgeorgiou 25 May 2015

    I have tried a Merilyn sketch which I will try to complete and made about 15-20 tries. I still think I should repeat it some 20 times to achieve the expression I want. Don't be afraid to fail because then you are ready to become better.

  • VeronikaCampassi 25 May 2015

    I like it :) :)

  • grace613 25 May 2015

    Beautiful line weights

  • pgeorgiou 25 May 2015

    Seems like De Niro but would need more work on the lips and cheeks. De Niro has a more angled face though here is an example of a circular face thus giving the impression of an older man.

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