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Samuel L. Jackson

By BHAnis
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-05-20




  • blvckink 16 Sep 2015

    nice portrait :) its a little hard to see though :p

  • HargorSPdate 20 Nov 2015

    for what i can see it's good!

  • Anonymous 3 Nov 2015

    It looks nice and all, but the contrast is too soft, making difficult to see the work

  • Kana Go 21 May 2015

    I can see that it's a pencil drawing) By the way, I usually use 2B-3B, too but still it's really possible to make more contrast just with them (though I'm also getting tips to shade with more contrast). I mean after you finish a drawing and scan/make a photo of it you can use Photoshop or smth like this to bring some more contrast. Photos and scans of pencil drawings without PS are usually rather pale.

  • Kana Go 21 May 2015

    Nice work, but you probably should use some settings or program to make a stronger contrast.

  • TradArt&More 21 May 2015

    Nice detail on the eyes

  • Anonymous 20 May 2015


  • Anonymous 20 May 2015


  • Anonymous 20 May 2015

    Too pale, but nice.

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