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Challenge: deathlouis VS Markovic Petar


  • NobleBacon 1 Feb 2016

    You have a great deal of talent when it comes to the detail of the cloths. Yet the faces are a little awkward.

    Markovic Petar 29 May 2016

    Yes, i agree. It was hard to draw that 60 year women, but in my defence my camera was bad, and work doesnt look like on pic. But yes, i should take more time for detailing faces. :)

  • Jandraws 22 Jul 2015

    Very good textures - feather, textiles, metal etc. Almost good hands, that's very hard. Still some problems with faces. You give a little to hard shadows on faces emphasising awkwardly mimic. Nevertheless quite good work, definitely you spend a lot of time on it. That's good.

  • Rodaina 29 May 2016

    nice work

  • Pandy 3 Nov 2015

    This is so beautiful! Can't explain.

  • LorandLee 21 Jul 2015

    superb detailing !

  • mistyeye2015 6 Jul 2015

    This is so good, I can't believe it only took 20 hours, the detail is incredible. Excellent job.

  • Lasi 19 May 2015

    No words, its so realistic, magnificent..

  • hubert perron 29 Apr 2015

    magnificent portrait ,bravissimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Quasar 28 Apr 2015

    I really like the dove, perfect shades. must have taken you lots of hours...

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