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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-04-13


My character from DDtank2. The hairstyle is a little off but I hope you like it! Comments are appreciated. -Yugi


  • lovelyguentah 14 Jul 2015

    The drawing itself is very good, unfortunately it is so super light, on the first glance I didn't see much which is a pity!

  • einsteinsdog 16 Apr 2015

    lovely long slender neck. The way her torso is twisted, with her head bent back the other way, lends a sense of immediacy to the portrait, as if a photo had been snapped at the moment she turned around and recognized the viewer. Only problem is the tons of white on white makes her hard to see. Could you add the very lightest pastel shading in the background? Or maybe I've just got a goofy monitor.

  • abel 14 Apr 2015

    she looks really pretty

  • Moca 13 Apr 2015

    Wow, she's really cute! I like the expression, the eyes, and her hairstyle looks nice. ^-^

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