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In the Cave

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-04-03


Yep, another fan art piece, drawn traditionally and colored digitally. This time based on my all time favorite creepypasta: Candle Cove. I absolutely love this story, original and the ones made up by others. Something about children shows that are also just a bit on the creepy side interest me. For those who don't know the characters...that skeleton is called the Skin Taker, the little girl is named Janice, and the man in the back is Horrace the Horrible. art @ me c @ Kris Straub

Challenge: KG VS TimRe


  • Anonymous 5 Nov 2015

    Really nice work!

  • lotski10 4 Apr 2015


  • Joe La Bianca 4 Apr 2015

    wonderful art. 5!!!

  • deathlouis 4 Apr 2015

    very nice, the detail and line art is really nice in this piece, i personally think its great you started this in traditional first then digital a nice combination and it has definitely worked well, it also has a nice feeling of creepy/horror yet a good feeling too, great work!

  • Anonymous 4 Apr 2015


  • NecuArt 3 Apr 2015

    Nice :)

  • nessakay99 3 Apr 2015

    Good job c:

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