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Challenge: Moisa Catalin VS colorpoet


  • Dream.Guardian 13 Aug 2015

    Very nice !

  • didier1961 14 Aug 2015

    good work

  • Ravence-Sketching 8 Apr 2015

    I think that it looks fantastic! If I were to be extremely critical though, there are a few things you can do to improve on it. The blending could be improved to reduce pencil strokes shown in the piece. This should help create a more glossier finish. Also the dark spots could be even darker to create a higher contrast more appealing piece. Don't get me wrong though because I truly think this looks great, but I just thought I would give suggestions for improvements in the future. Well done and continue to create beautiful artwork. (^-^)

  • Markovic Petar 25 Mar 2015

    Hey, i like it!! Well done!!

  • Merlina 25 Mar 2015

    Great job!:)

  • guidodeo 24 Mar 2015


  • TradArt&More 24 Mar 2015

    Great work, love the shading and the shininess

  • Skitsofrenis 24 Mar 2015

    very nice

  • UzMona 24 Mar 2015

    good details :)

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