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Jesper Frederiksen

By katr14
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-03-14


Someone I know <3

Challenge: katr14 VS blvckink


  • freshart101 29 Sep 2016

    good work

    katr14 2 Oct 2016

    Thank you

  • Swiff Studios 14 Mar 2015

    I wavered between giving you a for and a five on this and I want you to know that I was THIS close to clicking the five button. I just… To be honest I think the thing that drew me away the most wa the clothes. I just feel like it was an after thought when the face had so much detail and expertise put into every single stroke. There should be a lot more shading on the jacket. By that I don't mean it should be darker. There should just be more variation. But I LOVE the work so keep doing this style. You're killing it!

  • ROBERTO LUJAN 14 Mar 2015

    Excellent Job!!

  • Anonymous 14 Mar 2015


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