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Eomer, Lord of the Mark

Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-01-23


I have improved this painting since this photo (predominantly his eye) however my camera is somewhat broken and the lighting in my house in I will upload the fixed version of this when I can! c: Acrylic on stretch canvas. I would love to sell some prints and turn my art into a career!! Facebook: Tumblr: Website:

Challenge: Tieff Betty VS Hades-the-Mighty


  • Tomas 19 Jul 2015

    looks great, really good choice of colours

  • SarembaArt 10 Nov 2015

    Great work!

  • Beudeltee 21 Nov 2015

    nice colors and interesting composition... but the eyes are a little to bit arent they?

  • Trigemini 11 Nov 2015

    Noble rohhirim! I like this work)

  • trevorp 12 Aug 2015

    Turned out well - particularly with the choice of colours :-)

  • Anonymous 4 Apr 2017

    I love this very cool art!!.

  • Anonymous 5 Feb 2016

    beautiful, love the detail in the beard.

  • jolabrodnica 24 Jul 2015

    Excellent!!! Great job!

  • einsteinsdog 24 Jan 2015

    You well captured his humility and desire to serve

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