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Tara's Horses

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-11-30


A wedding gift I drew for a friend of mine. Because I didn't have a lot of experience at drawing horses prior to this, it took me six weeks to finish. That included me studying them and figuring out how I was going to arrange the picture.


  • codymarmon 12 Jan 2015

    Thanks. I am pondering the idea of painting this, but with a slight variation. Maybe later in the year, but right now I'm trying to get a landscape ready to paint. :)

  • guscarlet 12 Jan 2015

    I love horses, it is very difficult to draw or paint, you did a great job!

  • codymarmon 12 Jan 2015

    Thanks, Scarlet! I like it pretty well myself, which is hard for me to say, since most of the time I despise my own work. hahaha! :0

  • guscarlet 12 Jan 2015

    Love it!

  • codymarmon 6 Jan 2015

    @lenjaminbang--Yeah, that was my fault, I admit it. But I'm afraid I did that when I was a little too tired and I should have quit for the night. When I came back to it and realized what I did, it was too late to fix it. lol But thank you! :)

  • Dream.Guardian 1 Dec 2014


  • lenjaminbang 30 Nov 2014

    Awesome drawing! The hair and the propotions.. really good! But the contrast is a liiittle bit too faintly. But anyway: Awesome work! C:

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