How to paint a galaxy mug by VR Wishes

Galaxy mug painting : 

 If you're too lazy, just buy mine here :

lovelyguentah 2015-12-14 19:41:00

It was a good tutorial till the end, linking to your YouTube - okay. But to your etsy shop? These are supposed to be tutorials, not (NOT) self-promoting campaigns. You are a wonderful artist and I have respect towards your working, but please don't use tutorials for shop-promotion.

VR Wishes 2015-12-14 20:06:00

I included only the picture at first, but couldn't post it since it was not enought material... probably the website programing. My dream would be to be able to live from the art I do and it passes by promoting myself. Sorry if that offended you. I'm happy you like the tutorial tough :)

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