How to draw a Ladybug with pens by Oscarlira

i would try to explain in the best way posible that i know the process to draw a Ladybug with pens


Step 1 define blacks and start from lightest color, left Blank the white reflects

step 2 start coloring

step 3 use more pressuresure on pen for more opacity, use brown on dark areas

step 4 use ligth green on branches and background 

step 5 use dark green to get volume and perspective, use brown for shadows 

step 6 crosshatch background to make it Seems like brush, use white charcoal to make a ligth reflex 

i hope it May help :)

enjoy drawing


Oscar Lira

Khobe 2015-11-10 22:58:06

I want to congratulate you on your tutorial, simple, clear and right to the point. It is well presented. I wish there were more artists with your spirit coming forward to share their knowledge to help this community. Just like the other two other artists that posted theirs. All levels, mediums, styles and approaches should be represented, everybody would only be the richer for it. In fact I would encourage you to be bolder to share and present your best work. Your drawing technique is really good.

Oscarlira 2015-11-11 00:44:22

Khobe, Thanks very much for your words, to be honest i was very nervous to post My 1st tutorial, i think yo myself as a person who is still learning do the idea to teach something was previously not in My head, Noe that i see it has Been received in a good way i feel more confident to post more, talking about My presenation, i used to make work instruccions in a manufacturimg plant, the best way to explain a instruction is with lots of image a and few words, Thanks for your sincere suport

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