How To Draw A Cat (5 Steps) by Joel'sVoid




1) First draw three circles.
-One for the head
-One for the upper body
-One for the behind
 If you want to give the cat a cartoony look, make the head and behind bigger than the upper body. 
 Like so;2) Then draw a line from the top of the head down to create the cat's "spine". Then draw a line from the bottom circle to the top one, where the jawbone of the cat will be. The body shape should look a little like a guitar.




3) Add two lines to the head put them in a position so, that the muzzle of the cat is where they meet.
(You can add a small circle to repesent the muzzle.)
To draw the ears, all you have to do is draw two triangle shapes on top of the cat's head.
Then draw lines, that repesent the bones of the cat, in the position you want.
To make it easier, you should draw small circles to the parts where the legs bend.4) You can then flesh out the cat, adding some life to the cat.
In this part, you can also look for mistakes, like;
-If the head is too big or too far away from the upper body.
-If one of the legs is too long of one of the paws is too big.
(You can use a reference picture of a real cat to help you.)
When that is done, feel free to add small details and accesseries to your cat!5) Now the cat is almost done!
You can finish it by adding color, shading or a background! You can even draw another cat if you like!

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