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I love Anime! Since i was little, between 9-10 years old. I started to draw and writing a story when i was in kindergarden. Now, i mostly draw anime! Cause i'm an Otaku! I'm proud to be OTAKU! I love FairyTail the most! >< To be honest, I love romance and something more like Fairytail (but romance the most i guess XDDD). I love Animals! I wanna be a Vet when i am grown up! I studying at a boarding school so i rarely online. I draw traditionally! But in process to practise using my tablet. Really inspired and amazed see AWESOME ARTS! I Have a twin sister! We are almost the same. She is also have register to this website! Her skills are even awesome than me! >< Thats all about me! >w< If u wanted to see more of my arts.. Deviantart - xXCatherineXxDevinaB

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