deathlouis vs pencil recreations

`Portrait =) `

`Portrait fun...Hope its you DL.. love this Miss m face...`


  • deathlouis 31 Oct 2020

    Your skill always impresses me!! =)

    pencil recreations 7 Nov 2020

    Thank you Louis for that comment .I needed that huge pick me up....I sometimes feel it is easier to stop and just enjoy superb art works like yours . I do run out of creativity on occasion feel flat .gettin old lol. and it is good that OAC has these little challenges and sometimes get me out of the flat spot I seem to create ...If anything your comment would be mine about your art skill...I am very impressed...I have challenged many times with 50/50 success seem to come up against Snake most of the time (he also is tops ) so to come up against you is very refreshing...your Mariplier is wonderful ,nearly voted for him your comments have lifted me ,but you are still up there and you rock...My drawing of Kevvy was a spur of the moment thank you to him for his wonderful retreat up on Tamborine Mountain and I just slotted him for fun and thats what its all about.. Where do you live Louis?.

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