snakedaemon vs pencil recreations


`just a passing challenge for fun...this alien can slash I guess...will probably get slashed...`


  • pencil recreations Dec 18

    Hi Snake ...I would like to take this opportunity to say ",It has been a pleasure to keep in touch with you and your so exceeeeellant art have a challenge against you is a big ask,Do you ever take time out away from your art?) but I have shared so many pictures and that's what it is all about...yes mate it has been fun..and hope you and your family have a great and safe Christmas ...and catch you again soon...Nev

    snakedaemon May 12

    Honestly Ive had a few months away from art because I fell down some stairs and did my back in severely, I recently started up again and hope to put out more work quickly, it's actually the only time I've had off in 10 years of drawing

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