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New ref of Harriet

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-10-19


My OC which i finished now Name: Harriet Voklolv Age: 24 Race: Human Origin: Russian (Does not have that accent tho) Height: 5,9 Weight: 140 Likes: Guns, dogs, wolves, cold weathers, coffe, hot baths, snow, sleeping, root beer, day of the dead, comftorbal clothes, soft fur, rainy days Dislikes: Bright girly colors, drama, anything to do love stories, dramatic people, dog abus, wolf abuse, guys hitting on her, hot weather Personality: Quiet, hot tempered, loner, doesnt smile that much, grumpy, dog loving, and is a nice person at some times Music: rock, punk rock I'll give the history later 


  • Anonymous 19 Oct 2014


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