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Shock Tart

Type: painting Uploaded: 2014-10-16


"Shock Tart" by Carissa Rose Watercolors, fountain pens, and white colored pencils on watercolor paper. Prints on etsy: IG: @misscarissarose FB:


  • Jan Spicka 5 Aug 2015

    great pinup, well done

  • Kana Go 2 Aug 2015

    So detailed, bright colours, love it!

  • lovelyguentah 26 Aug 2015

    i love how colourful it is!

  • Hatshj 3 Aug 2015

    Very nice coloring. Well done!

  • KseniaSh 7 Aug 2015

    i like this watercolour piece, lovely details, a lot of colours dynamic and pretty composition! 5+

  • pencil recreations 3 Oct 2016

    Love the colour and the design inside the painting reminds me of the rod steiger movie The illustrated man where his tatto's told a story Very nicely done and the colours are simply great

  • rengaderacer154 8 Aug 2015

    Nice job :)

  • Hero87 6 Aug 2015

    love the colors and the unicorn tattoo =3

  • Meeramehzabin 6 Aug 2015

    Nice coloring

  • Sukiedreams 30 Jun 2015

    I love her hair

  • VedR1109 20 Oct 2014

    Nice coloring.This reminds me of something,but I am not sure what... Do you by any chance whatch My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic? 'Cause this girl with such hair style reminds me of Rainbow Dash :D

  • czmanga 16 Oct 2014

    The colours are Great ..... and the tattoo ¡ I like tattoooss !

  • mikeqmontalvo 16 Oct 2014


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