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By trevorp
Type: craft Uploaded: 2024-04-15


A jigsaw puzzle featuring DARTH VADER from Star Wars.


  • pencil recreations Apr 21

    Hi Trev , nice one, I still admire your skills especially in the delicate drawings and your jigsaws..Mine compared to you are in the back row, my missus is the one for 1000 piece put togethers ...although I have had a go 1000 piece' s are a rarity for me ...Health still good but it has been a priority and focus on art has taken a back at least for a while ...Once the dancer is curbed ..I have drawings in process but they are on a slow burner.My patience,time and visual are short..still love popping in to see your art and keeping in touch with the site...anyways we will catch next time soon .... Nev

    trevorp Apr 22

    Hi again Nev. Glad you like the Jigsaw Puzzle featuring my favourite Sith Lord. I am glad you appreciate my drawing skills and also patience for doing jigsaws. My wife (JO) rarely sits still long enough to do a 500 piece jigsaw. I'm as patient as they come and can easily spend up to 2 hours or more doing jigsaws or artworks. I have been under a bit of pressure at work recently and had to contact our HR department which had a favourable outcome.... (now have been assigned a new manager). By all means keep popping in to see what artworks I have been doing. Keep healthy mate! Bye for now :-) from Big Trev.

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