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Animorphia Wolf - WIP

By trevorp
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2024-01-26


An artwork that was drawn by an esteemed artist called - KERBY ROSANES that I just added colour to.


  • Dolly Lolli Apr 4


    trevorp Apr 5

    Thanks for your comment :-)

  • pencil recreations Mar 12

    The colors are great nicely balanced...hey no problem we all start art in different ways and my wife continues to amaze with her 1000 piece jigsaws and the mind boggling assortment of color she can see and put in the right places..I admire your patience to apply the color in such small places...thumbs up... Just a heads up why I have been quiet in my drawing 2 things just getting back to normal since my eye lazer surgery seems to have settled down and have a better look on life again and straight after just before christmas decided to get a high 13 psa and prostate cancer .enclosed in the nut thankfully...treatment starts next week 20days radio therapy..other than that never seen the grass grow greener and the sun shine brighter ...make sure your psa gets checked yearly...sorry to share so closely but you have kept in contact more so I"m good to let you know where I am at...catch you later when the treatment is done ...I will still check your site out from time to time Later Trev Ne

    trevorp Mar 18

    Thanks Nev, Always appreciate your sentiments. I have fortunately got oodles of patience so that helps me when doing finer precision work. Shame that you have had to get laser surgery on your eyes. Also a pity that you have had issues with your prostrate with high levels psa. Luckily the cancer is contained. My father who is 80 has a high psa - with his prostrate cancer. Hoping everything will go well Nev. Wishing you best wishes and I am looking forward to seeing some more of your splendid artwork again fairly soon! Cheers from BIG TREV :-)

  • pencil recreations Jan 27

    Crazier ,harder ,more detailed and great linework and color....u continue to amaze..

    trevorp Jan 30

    Hi there Nev, I have to confess that I did not do this drawing... (I added all of the colour) It was a design from a colouring-in book I was recently given for my birthday.... Glad you like this artwork :-)

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