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Halloween Headshots: Springtrap

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2023-10-18


This month belongs to FNaF, so the Headshots this year are just that! First up is Springtrap, my favorite character. On top of making the whole story happen, this moldy rabbit is just peak nightmare. ======================================= Speedpaint:


  • Grimmgall Nov 12

    It's been years since I've been a FNaF fan and I definitely am not a fan of it anymore, but this drawing is very beautiful! Your style works perfectly for Springtrap, the colors are so vibrant and wonderfully chosen, the pose perfectly captures William Afton (?)'s inner turmoil and struggle as he is being ruptured inside of the suit (justifiably), and the manner in which you drew his mechanical parts is gorgeous! Amazing job.

    Armorwing Nov 14

    Thank you! My love for FNaF is always going up and down, but Springtrap is always my favorite of the bunch. So I'm happy that you appreciate my little tribute.

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