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Nymph in the shape of Olive

Type: painting Uploaded: 2023-07-15


Expressionistic painting of the scenery with the sensual looking olive tree I recently made for my dad. I took even extra work during the night as my dad was very hard to please so did few changes that either compliments the picture or ruins it. Most likely it makes it look great. It is an painting that represents the cliffy area surrounding Veprinac, the histrian town close to Opatija in the vacinity close to Rijeka, the croatian city at the coast of Kvarner bay. Olive tree is artisticly shaped to resemble the nymph (fairy/elven) maiden that in daylight took up the shape of an sensual looking - beautiful olive tree, whilest during night time she'd reveal her true shape and join her nymph sisters in celebration and merriment in their senctuary in nature - dancing, feasting, gossiping, exchanging stories and love making.


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