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Water and Purple Dragons

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2023-04-17


Finally, my own free personal art I made just for myself, for my soul, featuring the dragon characters for the game franchises that I love so much. These years, all I have been doing was art and real life stuff for other things and this left me in emotional and artistic turmoil, feeling more like a machine for others to use then a man and artist with my love and desires and appritiation for other's work. So I really needed a break and a rescue to 'bring me back to life' to breath again with full healthy lungs and that's what the work on this art just brought me; a chance to heal myself by drawing Spyro and Cynder from "The Legend of Spyro" and Sash Lilac, my favourate character from "Freedom Planet 1 & 2". This is the scene where Spyro and Cynder took up a time strolling through the night and taking a picture at the near by village on the isle of Persua with their new friend Sash Lilac, who is still on the search for Merga the Water Dragon Centurion. Though the scene may incline some romance flirting going on here with that teasing kiss frame, Lilac here acts more of sister figure and adoring fan to the dragons who found the kinship with water dragoness of Avalance. Aren't they cute together? The artwork was done by me to help with the self-healing after a long time of constant working for others. Spyro & Cynder belong Activision, Insomniac Games, Sierra Entertainment, Krome Studios and Estranges Libellules. Sash Lilac belong to GalaxyTrail.


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