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Euralien and Krystalia - Happy Easter Kisses

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2023-04-10


An old drawing back from 2019 featuring my OC Euralien the Lightbearer and Krystalia,one of his twelves mates,to mark the April 9th - Easter Day. Easter Day is celebrated by Euralien and Krystalia with Stella,one of their daughters. They both had the great time, even Euralien had fun playing around with Stella as the two were joking around and painting the eggs. Delighted and impressed with how Euralien is good with her kids, wanting to recieve the more intimate playful treatment Krystalia decided to pull a little playful session with her husband. You see,Krystalia,Euralien's fourth mate,was feeling little restless, lacking interaction, cuddles and love making can be pretty devastating for such good and obedient woman, not to mention that being the mother of so many dragonets at once can be a choir sometimes. Long ago,she was once a maid to Vapporya back when they still resided in Albion on Earth.Unable to have children herself, Vapporya made her own maid lay with Euralien as the concubine in order to gain children through her.She did not resist as she gave her oath and promise to serve her mistress unquestionably due to how kind she was towards her, though the things between them were slowly changing from friendly to complex and neutral, as Krystalia was granted the rank of the new mathriact and thus freed from her oath and service to her mistress. But on the brightside, the two eventually reconciled and grew closer once more and started sharing everything, even their love for their husband. Couple of years later, on the day when Euralien and her family were preparing to celebrate their Easter Day they lernt from him, in hopes to gather together, see their elder children, hang out, share a feast and tell stories and exchange things they may need and have fun with young ones, Krystalia was having a new idea on how to make her husband's day more spicy and let him have a good time of romance with her as his lover. She move her tail across her husband's right shoulder, getting him to move his attention from his paint work to her, and looking at him in seductive way with her enchanting purple eyes, she asks if he would spend time with her in somewhere private. They excused themselves to their other kids who got focused in painting the remaining eggs for Easter, so they could place them for drying up and get back to their chambers, and Euralien and Krystalia went to one secluded section of the garden where Euralien often times takes his mates to share romantic time whilest midwork and there they get to doing some spicy stuff for their pesonal private romance. Euralien agreed to have some romantic session with his mate on the condition that they would not make any kids yet as they have enough kids to care for currently, and if they are going to go further, they may as well use the protection spell. And so they gave themsleves to each other and to spice things up, Krystalia put on the bunny ears to play as the sweet and hot bunny girl laying on her backs, whilest Euralien takes the brush and slowly and tickly drawn the circles, patterns and shapes of the easter egg and gave each time a kiss to her both on the lips, her cheek, her forehead and her belly and hind legs. Once they were finished with body painting, Krystalia and Euralien shared a deep passionate kiss together and soon enough they started going further as doing some sensual erotic things to each other... which is better left for another time. It was different then what Euralien once did to comfort Vapporya, but it was a fiery and passionate as expected from the two loving couples who both been through so much that they grown so very close to one another, as though one was husband's real wife or extension of her. Euralien felt the urge to cuddle with her more,he nuzzled her and rubed her chest abit.Krystalia liked that and asked him if he could lay with her again using the protection speel once more. He complied and she layed herself on her back and spread her legs.... the rest is a story for another time. After the second session, Euralien and Krystalia nuzzled together and sliped an intimate kiss along the way.Soon when their lips parted,he asked if he can touch her more fom behind and she complied.He was stroking her body while she was first in standing position and then bent down,all the while her backs were turned. Then Euralien hugged her tight and the two pushed their heads and faces tight against each other, nuzzing lovingly. After some cuddling session,she looked him in the eyes and asked if he would like them to get back to her sister mates and their kids and continue making preperations for Easter day,and he said that he would like to keep lay with her for five more minutes before they go back and so they did until they finaly sprung up on their legs and got back to their kids. The kids and other mates were pretty much already done with decoration and now they had to go to the kitchen and preper the food along with other cooks and chefs for when their eldest children return they all would have enough food for the next two days. Vilina noticed that Euralien and Krystalia seemed particularly joyful when they worked and smiled knowing what that could mean. Soon after the cooking, she approached Euralien and asked with the smile him if he would tell her how did he and Kystalia spend their romantic time together. And when he confined the details, she asked if he could have the same thing with her and Aurora too and he said yes. Later on after two days of celebration both Vilina, Aurora and Krystalia announced that they both got pregnant with Euralien's ofspring during the last night's session and they soon will be recieving the new little ones into the family and they shall be known as the 'Children of Easter'. Happy Easter Day to everyone who celebrates the day of Christ's resurrection, His Victory over Evil and our Deliverance from Sin, all across the christian world and remember all those days when we all have bad days and having hard times dealing with our issues, just so you know the Lord will always help us wherever with may be. Have a great time and HAPPY EASTER DAY everyone. Euralien and Vapporya belong to me and so does the art.


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