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Indigenous Artwork - WIP

By trevorp
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2023-04-09


Current WIP Indigenous Animal Artwork.


  • Jeanpooh 10 Apr 2023

    I live in Western Australia and can appreciate your art style, what is the dream and inspiration for this art piece

    trevorp 11 Apr 2023

    Hi there. I live on the South Coast in NSW and was recently inspired to do some Indigenous themed artwork after seeing some cool aboriginal artworks depicted on some murals and paintings I saw

  • ZiggysSweets 10 Apr 2023

    I like the indigenous way the animals are drawn. This would make for a nice quilt design.

    trevorp 10 Apr 2023

    Thanks for your kind words. Agree that it would make a nice quilt design. Cheers from Trevor :-)

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