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Dobby and Co...

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2023-02-21


Today I Finally finished My Dobby picture... Been stuck for a while mainly on the Snake... well I wasn't sure in my Choice of Colour as i definitely didn't want the Snake to be Green... I used a selection of Warm Greys from Warm Grey 1 to Waem Grey 5... I am happy with how its turned out as I'm rubbish at scales and I committed myself straight away with a fine liner rather than Pencil first...


  • Yasin___norouzi Mar 11

    Congrats man, fantastic work

    ravenousfeline Mar 15

    Thank you

  • ShadowArtFinds 22 Feb 2023

    Very nicely done! I love Buckbeak at the right most corner.

    ravenousfeline 22 Feb 2023

    Aw thank you so much... it's took a while to finish I really got stuck on the snake...wasn't sure what colours to use...

    ShadowArtFinds 22 Feb 2023

    Your welcome! It came out really well. I would had added a hint of green accents to highlight but that is just me.

    ShadowArtFinds 23 Feb 2023

    Your most welcome. Still it came out really well.

    ravenousfeline 24 Feb 2023

    Thank you x

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