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I'll Kill Your Demons

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2022-12-25


Obligatory apologies for the lack of art lately. Motivation just completely left me after Halloween and the holidays made it hard to find time to draw. I'm getting out of my funk, so here's to more productive times in the new year! This is a more personal piece relating to my frustrations. If only solving problems were this straightforward. *===================================* Speedpaint:


  • Ace Omar 19 Jan 2023

    Hi Armorwing, I’m sure you have heard of the crypto / NFT marketplace by now. We would like to extend you an offer to sell your work as NFT and gain very profitable revenue from your exceptional artwork. Because of our years of experience in the crypto community, we now have a shop that is quite well-known and able to attract buyers even during this bear market. The business idea is very simple, we would like to invite you to create an NFT with us (Just draw one picture according to our requirements), we will put it up in our store that already has good following. If the work is sold, we will share 25% revenue of that payment. However, if you would like to stay anonymous, we will share 30% of the revenue with you. We are very open in the way we work, we are not going to hide behind any doxx or whatsoever, we can have a Discord call to answer more of your questions. Please add my Discord: kaminari_san#8181 and we can talk about it more then Looking forward to see you soon.

    Armorwing 19 Jan 2023

    I want nothing to do with NFTs and none of you will ever have permission to use my work.

  • digitalartwork 28 Dec 2022

    Your Artwork is of exceptional quality. The design of your composition is superb, as are the colors and markings you have used in creating it. I hope the muse returns to you very soon. One day at a time!

    Armorwing 11 Jan 2023

    Thank you, it is slowly returning, so watch out for more

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