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Pipol game cover

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2022-12-06


Hand illustrationed cover made for MichaelGabrielR as a pitch for a planned project "Pipol", a reverse-Pokemon parody game with rhytm/music game mechanics. Currently NOT in development yet. The idea behind this project is about a lighthearted game that would be a Pokemon parody involving green dragons from modern times Mirror Zeranoth collecting friend requests and summoning people from their magic mobile phones. The game would be called "Pipol"or something silly as that. XD The gameplay twist would be that it would be rhythm-based (think "Space Channel 5" or "Cadence of Hyrule") instead of just turn-based and instead of fighting, your Pipol would be doing dance-offs and engaging in small talk and other verbal stuff with other Pipol (to the player it would sound like parrot chatter or in those "How English sounds to Non-English speakers" type videos) in order to try to beat them or win them over with friendship. Some Pipol your green dragon could befriend would include hot nurses, cool cops, beach life guards, football players, farmers and more. Players would also enjoy dressing up their Pipol and watching them grow, as they pass exams and learn new skills (so it's basically a self-improvement game in disguise :3). The whole greeting ritual of "hey! Hey! how are you? I'm fine, thanks, how are you? I'm fine, how are you doing?" etc. It feels like it has as much nuance as pressing the correct arrow keys in a dance game or inputting a special move in a fighting game. XD


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