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By trevorp
Type: photo Uploaded: 2022-10-21


A termite mound under a large rock.


  • muju Oct 22

    Oh wow.

    trevorp Oct 30

    Thanks :-)

    muju Nov 4

    Your welcome!

  • digitalartwork Oct 22

    A very unique and unusual display of Nature's artistry. The formations piling up on one another near/under this huge tree are quite amazing. The 'woodsy' colors all blend together very well and produce a truly good composition.

    trevorp Oct 23

    The termite mound certainly is very odd or bizarre to look at. It also looked quite unusual as it was located under a large rock. The surrounding trees also added to the bizarre look or strange nature of the immediate area where the termite mound was located. The woodsy type effect is also an added bonus. Thanks for your nice comments :-)

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