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WIP - Jigsaw Puzzle

By trevorp
Type: craft Uploaded: 2022-07-06


A WIP of jigsaw featuring Uluru National Park.


  • rollee 9 Jul 2022

    How long does something like take to finish?

    trevorp 10 Jul 2022

    It can take up to 15.0 to 20.0 hours to do them usually.

  • pencil recreations 7 Jul 2022

    Haven fun with jig saws Hmmm!!!..this looks looks tough and lotta detail.. always admire your unlimited patience Big T.(have seen the detail in your t rexies)..,By the way we got a 1000 piece on the way at the moment ...will download the wip shortly..this one will do your head in called Fruit loops and yes its loopy..,.just passing had to comment ....catch up shortly Nev

    trevorp 7 Jul 2022

    Jigsaws are a challenge - most of the time... I sometimes will spend hours looking for pieces to fit in the right places. I can then go away and come back and fit the right piece straight away. Have got a great deal of patience but I can get frustrated with not finding pieces to fit. Hope you get as much pleasure as I get from doing the jigsaw puzzle you just got. Look forward to seeing a picture of your jigsaw fairly soon. Cheers from Big Trev :-)

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