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Orihime Cosplay Pt 2

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2022-06-15


Kimimi cosplayed in Orihime's outfit again. Idk why but I decided to add a rainy background lol


  • Grimmgall 15 Jun 2022

    This is absolutely marvelous! You have such a wonderful art style and the character is so beautiful.

    NoraKimi 16 Jun 2022

    Thank you. I'm trying to iron out a particular art style but sometimes it feels lost in experimentation, or lack of practice

  • nashynoface 15 Jun 2022

    this is pretty!

    NoraKimi 15 Jun 2022

    Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it!

  • ShadowArtFinds 15 Jun 2022


    NoraKimi 15 Jun 2022

    Thanks! lol

    ShadowArtFinds 15 Jun 2022

    No problem!

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