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I is for IT

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2022-06-01


In an effort to put more of my love of horror and monsters in my art, I'm making an alphabetical bestiary of movie monsters. I'm also experimenting with some mediums I don't normally use. Should be a fun series! Time for everyone's favorite inter-dimensional murderous clown! Now, I could have done a ton with a shape shifting creature, but I thought illustrating Pennywise's absolute power and influence over Derry would be a more interesting arrangement. Made with watercolor, colored pencils, ink and acrylic paint.


  • trevorp Mar 22

    Nice effort. Encapsulates spirit of IT quite well. Good use of colour as well. Well done :-)

    Armorwing Mar 25

    Thanks for the comment!

  • maadhucreatives 9 Jul 2022


  • Grimmgall 6 Jun 2022

    I absolutely adore the way this is drawn! I also love the coloring! Amazing job.

    Armorwing 7 Jun 2022

    Thank you so much!

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