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Type: painting Uploaded: 2022-05-15


Well Ock..., In the dreamworld everything that exists there is made by our dreams. Not knowing where they themselves come from, the dream world is reality for them. But this being is very special, even in the eyes of the other dream beings. Whispering to his magic balls, Ock soars through the many heavens where they must search for those in need.


  • Nick Snook Jul 3

    your works are consistently stunning!

    Ed Schaap Jul 30

    Thanks Nice

  •<3 27 May 2022

    bootiful! do you have a commission/ print website? id love to buy your stuff!

    Ed Schaap Jun 6

    Yes on my own site:

  • Immayes 19 May 2022

    I think you’re work is brilliant. The detail, the cuteness and how bizarre some of them are. But all fantastically done. Great art.

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