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Mexican Dragon

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2022-01-30


This a gift art containing the new design of an mexican dragon which is made for Delion_Kiaw. This would be the water dragon Sisu from RatlD but with mesoamerican - mexican theme.And like her counterpart,this is female while the males would be much bigger and muscular and they also contain the bodly features of the aztec deity, the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl with green color and splashes of different color and mesoamerican ornaments which is synonimous to Mexico and the land's indiginous tribes. For me personally this one this is another mejastic,powerful,wild,exotic and elegant re-imagening of the mexican dragon which was often described as the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl featured in aztec art.But for the Mexican artists,other artists as well as Mexicans in general that live in Mexico and worldwide,this could be a new trend to depict the feathered mexican dragon that stands as the symbol of the mexican people and provide the base for different form of mexican dragons with different color scheme, ornaments and feather colors. The design was made by me as the gift for Delion_Kiaw so the design of the mexican dragon belongs to him and he may be the first guy to try and start creating this new,amazing,majestic and quite exotic creature of might and magic and nature.


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