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Girl in white dress with big round bust

Type: photo Uploaded: 2022-01-05


Description of my work or image: In my image or work is a girl sitting on a chair posing for a photo shoot. She is wearing a white dress and revealing her bust is very beautiful. Around her are a few green pine trees on display to make her photo more vivid. This is a notice under section 512(c) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that your website service is hosting material that infringes my copyright. As a service provider, you are required to “expeditiously remove or disable access to infringing material”. 'According to the Intellectual Property Law 2005. Works regardless of content, quality, form or means; Whether unregistered or registered at a competent State agency, copyright is still protected'. As required by law, my work is protected by copyright. This claim is reported by the copyright owner and not on behalf of anyone. My contact information is: Full name: Gunjan Lisa Mailing address: 152 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn, New York, United States Phone number: +1212-582-7200 Email: PHOTO UP OCTOBER 10, 2016.


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