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Sunset evening after a cool RAIN

Type: painting Uploaded: 2021-12-05


I made this painting on the eve of my birday. As literally it was raining outside and the sunset was mind-blowing. So thought to paint a scene remembering that sunset I saw. I hope you would love my painting. For a more detailed look at the painting, check out my post on Instagram:

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  • digitalartwork 31 Dec 2022

    A terriffic painting that you rendered on your birthday. You captured every element that was actually happening outside in a very realistic and beautiful way. The sunset you saw was created in a soft, glowing way that made the entire painting 'Perfection'. You'll look back on this fine painting in the future and truly remember your birthday of this year and be happy you decided to paint it. I definitely love your painting. It is exceptional artwork!!!!!

    Dreamy Robin 9 Jan 2023

    Hehe, Thank you so much dude. Yeah thats the most exact part of this painting. It feels soft looking at those skies, Yes yes, I love that part a lot - To paint something related to our happy moment, and to see these paintings after few years. Looking back at this painting would surely remind me of that day and the whole week maybe :)

    Dreamy Robin 15 Mar 2023

    Yeaaaah, Exactly. This is what i felt when i finished it. But actually the start of the painting was a messed up one. Its in my instagram account. I kinda hated at the beginning but tried to finish it off. So it was a good one. Thank you so much for making me feel good:)

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