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Type: photo Uploaded: 2021-11-07


Photo of the back yard area of my house.


  • pencil recreations 4 Jul 2022

    Hi Big T...Just passing and read your last comments have not forgotten you and yes had my 3 jabs set for the 4th and bingo (your hopefully went west ) covid time for the man and an 7 days exclusive stay at home bedded holiday for one ...have not sneezed and coughed so much these last coupla days ..sleepy and just plain sore all over ..oh well wife got it 3 months ago now free, my turn and I've been very careful...Hope you remained free...Settled into the 2 room house very different ...Have put pencil to paper for the first time in what has been quite a while, strange feeling anyways we will c when they are done ..good to c those posser tabby's of yours are still ruling your roost and that cute selfy ...catch up maybe soon Nev

    trevorp 23 Jul 2022

    G’day again Nev, got damn COVID back in March after seeing my favourite band - Midnight Oil perform LIVE. Was fortunate to have had three jabs so didn’t have to make a one way trip to Hospital. Pity you contracted the dreaded COVID as well. Hoping you have recovered well. Also hoping your are enjoying life in a new house now. I need to start doing some more detailed drawings again soon to satisfy that itch I get every now and then... Cats still definitely rule the roost at our place. Take care for the meantime. Cheers from Trev.

  • pencil recreations 21 Jan 2022

    Hi Trev ...out and about for the first time in a while ...happy to see your back yard (yar !!!!!) is as big as my new one that we are settling into ...nearly set up but finding it so different from a acre to a postage stamp...over 50's community...daughter yet to get her payout so till then it's one day at a drawing table is a computer holder for the moment ...anyways fond memories of your art and our interaction (and had 3 jabs covid free)...r..hope this finds all well with you.... Anyways hope to catch up again soon sooooo happy 2022 new belated year...nev (nice pot plant)

    trevorp 29 Jan 2022

    Hi again Nev... glad you have managed to get out and about. Just got a fit bit so I am trying to clock up more steps. Have done a bit of work in my back yard (yar) but have plenty more yet to do. We just got a VEGEPOD to grow lettuce, tomato and some capsicum. Also got some basil and parsley. Should keep me away from drawing for a little while. We have had heaps of rain and humidity so lawn needs mowing weekly ATM. I am glad you have started to settle in to your new place. Bit hard when you downsize. I once had a 5 bedroom house and had to move to a 2 bedroom unit. Did five loads to the tip in one day. Hope to get back into the spirit of drawing again soon and hope you do too. Have been triple jabbed and still COVID free ATM. My wife works in a COVID ward so I hope neither of us succumb to COVID curse. Best wishes for A Covid Free 2022 (hopefully). Cheers from BIG TREV :-)

    trevorp 29 Jan 2022

    Will send you some pics via Our Art Corner of my miniscule vegetable garden in my VEGEPOD in back yard at some stage.

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