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20'000 Leagues under the Sea

Type: craft Uploaded: 2021-10-19


This is a pumpkin caving of the infamous Nautilus submarine, owned by the pirate captain Nemo . Who sunk ship that supported war, ramming them with his submarine. In this tale Nemo's ship gets attacked by a monstrous giant squid. I caved this design at the Chadds Ford Historical Society's Great Pumpkin Carve contest and event. This is a live carve event. Artist have no idea what kind of pumpkin they will be given to carve. No knowledge of shape, color, size, or condition. Competitors must create their design with manual hand tools. Cavers have 6 hours to create their master pieces, to be considered to qualify to be judged ,to compete for the prize . The size of the average pumpkin is from 200 to 400 pounds , and their wall are about 5 inched thick. It took me 6 hours to carve my pumpkin design. Stephen J. Vattimo 10/18/2021


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