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Type: painting Uploaded: 2021-09-29


It's not really a statement - just felt like painting some some buffalo then added blood because it looks striking on yellow backdrop. These light paintings are admittedly not my highest quality stuff. Usually when make I art it's attached to some impactful life event. For these I wanted to see how good of work I could do in a short amount of time with little going on - light not heavy. You could say they were made to be disposable. This one is particularly corny in my opinion, but as it turns out a neighbor liked it and bought it for $20. Later I sold three more from this collection, believe it or not, to strangers on the street - the turtle in flames one, the blue abstract and toilet piece. I kept the aching thirst one and the remaining two - asleep and brown board are for sale at a local pawn shop. So it's basically pocket change for these light paintings. Thing is I cannot bear to part ways with my most personal pen drawings and paintings - besides they wouldn't go for much more. I still want to be an artist - but not a graphic designer or someone who does fan art commissions. These jobs have a place but I mean an artist artist, a serious avant-garde visual artist. Maybe, maybe not. For now all I got are ideas that have taken years not to make. My easel is a daily reminder of this - it was custom made to hold large illustration boards. So far it's only been used for a few paintings and zero illustrations This photo was taken on 7/29/21


  • Jeanpooh 30 Sep 2021

    Although a bit distressing … blood and buffalo… the art piece and creative mind behind it is unique well done to you. Never dispose of your art, if it is your passion it has value

  • anidioticDip 7 Apr 2022

    I will

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