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Nanny Diamond

Type: painting Uploaded: 2021-09-19


In the grandeur of the dream world, the evening evening heavens are black. This is the time the 'Nanny Diamond' wake up. They fly and soar thousands at a time into the night skies. When they turn on their light globens, they create a seemingly starry sky.


  • Moko63 19 Sep 2021

    Can I keep it? This is really adorable?!

    Ed Schaap 4 Oct 2021

    thanks for finding it adorable

    Moko63 9 Jul 2022

    Your welcome! I wish it was an actual plushie.

  • Hatabolic 19 Sep 2021

    No words...But can I keep it? I love it!

    Ed Schaap 4 Oct 2021

    Thanks for loving it

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