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Beyond here

Type: painting Uploaded: 2021-08-20


Painting acrylic and inks


  • K-Koji 22 Aug 2021

    Very nice! This would look really cool as a desktop wallpaper.

    Jeanpooh 25 Aug 2021

    Thanks so much K-Koji might have to hubby to do this so I can get a clear look. This is a painting of a dear person who left this life … transcending to the other side

    K-Koji 28 Aug 2021

    You are so welcome. It is so beautiful it is hard to put in words. But I hope the person who passed is saying they love the painting too. I know I would regardless here or on the other side.

  • Jeanpooh 21 Aug 2021

    With so many of our loved ones passing, this new series is dedicated to all the ascended souls

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