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By trevorp
Type: photo Uploaded: 2021-08-09


A model or replica of a BABY DINOSAUR.


  • K-Koji 9 Aug 2021

    Awww it's soo cute!!

    trevorp 10 Aug 2021

    Glad you like it. Got it as a gift for house minding many years ago.

  • pencil recreations 11 Sep 2021

    ok and how exactly do I do that.......Sorry for the late comin back but the last three months have been really hard ..Trying to sell the house only on the market this week.. ..problem with the swimming pool and a few other lil things holding up everything ..daughter separating from husband in the house next door, we are on acreage joined at the wall so to speak...Oh well such is life ...

    trevorp 16 Sep 2021

    Hi again Nev... Sorry for the delay. You just need to go into the Artcorner Section on your own homepage and promote your own artworks.... Sounds as if life has been hectic for you lately... I haven't seen my two kids for 11 weeks now due to the blasted COVID lockdown measures in place. Haven't seen my parents since May,so it has been tough. I have found that my artwork has been a saving grace at times. Have also enjoyed doing several jigsaw puzzles as well. Been working from home since June so it has been a challenge. Hope that your house gets sold for a good price $ and that things settle down again soon. Take care. Kind regards from Trev :-)

  • pencil recreations 6 Sep 2021

    Thought it was a real one Trev...yeah it's cute....hey thanks for the promotion ..what do I do with it?

    trevorp 6 Sep 2021

    Thanks Nev... You now get to promote your wonderful artworks a bit more....

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