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Good Morning

Type: painting Uploaded: 2021-08-04


Fisherman rowing the boat in the early morning through the river. It is a beautiful Morning with lots of trees blooming.

Challenge: snakedaemon VS Dreamy Robin


  • Jeanpooh 11 Aug 2021

    Very creative love the swirl coming from the left

    Dreamy Robin 13 Aug 2021

    Awe Thank you so much Jean! I'm happy to see that you noticed those details well.

  • digitalartwork Dec 28

    Great creativity and uniqueness. The tree growing out from underneath the water grass is a real plus to contribute a great accent to your painting. The fisherman standing in his boat holding the oar is very impressive. The greenery on the far side and the yellowish tint/white in your sky are both significant in making your artwork Good Morning a truly excepional painting!

    Dreamy Robin Jan 9

    Thank you so much man. I never met someone who expressed his emotion so detailed about my painting. Im very happy to hear this from you. Honestly, i was not in a good mindset when I was painting this. All I wanted was to go away. I love sunrises. So imagining that I created this tiny piece of artwork.

    Dreamy Robin Mar 15

    Eeeeee, Yeaah Actually i like Yellow a lot. So thought to paint everything yellow, thats when i thought to turn it to river and bought a small life character. Dude, you are explaining my painting way much better than me. Great skill !!!

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