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Julycanthropy: WereCat

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2021-07-25


Gonna make this my final Julycanthropy entry as I want to get a headstart on projects for the next month's challenge I'm participating in (it's Smaugust!). Despite being of the feline persuasion, werecats are closest in behavior and abilities to typical werewolves. However, they're more typically created by the scratch of a werecat, but a bite can work just as well. This particular specimen is based on a main coon. While it's rare for lycans to be made from common domestic animals, some breeds are still capable of carrying the affliction. They're prone to the same lunar influences for transformations. The werecat has strong limbs and a flexible body. Their hearing and smell is comparable to werewolves, but their night vision is considerable better. While werewolves may or may not have tails, werecats always have some form of a tail to maintain perfect balance. They prefer to silently stalk their prey, often climbing trees or the sides of buildings for better vantage points. Though they still have the instinct to hunt, werecats tend to be less aggressive in general than werewolves.


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