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Julycanthropy: WereSloth

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2021-07-15


Some say being a weresloth can be a true curse, but for different reasons from other lycans. In many parts of South America, becoming a weresloth is a curse for laziness or unhelpfulness. Examples often included people that refused to do chores, prepare food or generally assist the community. If enough spite was stirred up by the community, the individual will be cursed with the affliction. Unlike most cases of lycanthropy, weresloths are not affected by lunar activity. Instead, weresloths transform for a full 24 hours about once a month. Like the sloth, their movement and metabolism slows drastically. As a slower, simple creature that desires only to climb trees and eat leaves, the individual has less time to slack off. Only by becoming a more productive member of society can the curse be broken.


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