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Julycanthropy: WereParrot

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2021-07-10


The next entry of Julycanthropy: the wereparrot! Wereparrots are unique to South America, believing to originate among ancient civilizations. They were created through a ritual involving warriors being isolated in chambers with large parrots, usually during lunar events. The resulting creatures were used as guardians of scared temples. Today, even without knowing the ritual, it may be possible to create wereparrots by communing with parrots in a secure chamber during a full moon. Unlike some avian lycans, wereparrots are at least capable of short gliding. Whether in high temples or trees, wereparrots would ambush intruders upon their scared locations. Their feathers came in a variety of colors reminiscent of macaws. With powerful beaks and long talons, they make for formidable opponents.


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