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Julycanthropy: WereRaven

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2021-07-05


The second entry for my Julycanthropy series: the WereRaven! Wereravens are unique in that they are not caused by the bite of another WereBeast. Rather, wereravens are the result of a powerful spell cast by magic-users, particularly those that primarily worship nature gods. The transformation still occurs once a month with the full moon, but is not nearly as painful a transformation. Limbs extend and become more claw-like. A sleek beak takes the place of the mouth, and the body is covered in ebony feathers. Wereravens are fortunate in that they still retain their intelligence throughout the altered state. Their magic is said to become more potent during this time as well. Though they cannot fly, they re quite swift and excellent tree climbers. Some legends say experienced magic users can learn to change whenever they please, so long as it is done with the purpose of rituals for their chosen god.


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