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By trevorp
Type: photo Uploaded: 2021-05-15


A photo of a beautiful SNOW LEOPARD.


  • NanFe 6 Jun 2021

    This shot is very good.

    trevorp 6 Jun 2021

    Glad you like this photo :-)

    trevorp 7 Jun 2021

    Glad you like this particular shot :-)

  • K-Koji 22 Jun 2021

    That is so adorable, I would be afraid to get that close. I really love the expression.

    trevorp 23 Jun 2021

    I was happy that it never seemed bothered with me being so close. It looked relaxed so I got very close ups of it :-)

  • Jeff Bliven Photography 16 May 2021

    That's a lot closer to a leopard than I'd dare get, even with a fence. Nice job.

    trevorp 16 May 2021

    Definitely a close up;- though the snow leopard was very relaxed or subdued so I got very close to it. Am glad how the photo turned out.

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