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Father's Day - Euralien and Nine Dragonets

Type: painting Uploaded: 2021-04-15


An late artwork to celebrate Father's Day celebrated in Croatia at March 19th. It features Euralien and his nine dragonets who visited Euralien in order celebrate the Father's Day with him. His favoret son,the black dragon Urthamiel have remained by his father's side and being a big brother to all his siblings,he also had served as father-figure to those that needed guidence while their father was busy with his political affairs,paperwork,wardening over his kingdom,maintaining order,regulating buisness and spending time with their mothers and younger children. For a long time Euralien and Urthamiel stood side by side for along time,even though the young dragonet is mature enough to head out and start his new life elsewhere.The young dragon decided to remain by his father and give him assistance in his reign,serving as the Head of the Guardian order of Bujan Kingdom and ensuring that his father's burden of running the kingdom is lighter. The dragonets that came to celebrate the Father's Day with him and their father are (from left to right) Adden - Euralien's son with Adeline,Burnan - Euralien's son with Efnetruma,Saphira Euraliena - Euralien's daughter with Koleda,Elneva - Euralien's daughter with Miranda,Serra - Euralien's daughter with Aurora,Ariel - Euralien's stepson,Gebbearnda - Euralien's only son with Kora.The three young dragon welplings are Euralien's grandchildren; black one from Ariel with Euralien's daughter,blue - yellow and the torquese one are the sons of Gebearndda with his many mates. They all came to pay visit to their father and big brother and celebrate the Father's Day with them and thanking for always being there for them growing up,even though it wasn't always easy. And who knows,maybe these dragonets along side Urthamiel may also serve as fatherly guides to their younger siblings that they are going to gets as Euralien and his twelve mates are still able to have children. Happy (belated) Father's Day!


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