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Valentines Day - Comforting the Water Dragoness

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2021-04-15


An old drawing featuring my OC Euralien the Lightbearer and Vapporya,one of his twelves mates,to mark the Febuary 14th - Valentines Day. Valentines Day is celebrated by Euralien and Vapporya in very interesting manner. You see,Vapporya,Euralien's third mate,was feeling very depressed,and that was because she couldn't have kids this easily as the other sister-mates of hers. Long ago,she was made barren,unable to have children.She could not get her ability back,unless she served her master unquestionably.But after she was freed from the pact she had been forced into,her ability to lay eggs was not restored.Being cheated out of her own prize,she turned to mystical arts and healing,praying that her ability would be restored by some miracle,even if it was impossible.But one day,she met the dragon priest and he cured her,freeing her of her misfortune. Even though,she was finally cured,she still could hardly have children as many as all other mates could.And this made her very sad. Even on this wonderful day,when all the mates spend very intimate time together with Euralien,Vapporya was very unhappy.So much that she declined to even be present in the harem for some romance with their mate. The other mates were worried and didn't like the idea of Vapporya being left out,since she is their sister mate and part of the family. They decided to give up their hours of romance with Euralien on Valentines day,so that their husband could spend the entire day comforting the water dragoness. Euralien agreed on the condition that the next twelve days each dragoness spends each day with him doing similar things as he would do this day with Vapporya. And so did Euralien gave up his entire day spending time with Vapporya and comforting her and doing all the things she wanted to do. At first Vapporya was reluctant,feeling that it would be pointless to spend time with him since she still could not lay eggs,but Euralien convinced her and said even though she could not give him children that he loves so much,she is still part of his family and is still his beloved mate. Vapporya and Euralien shared a deep passionate kiss together and soon enough they went swimming,catching fish in the sea like water predators,collecting shells,collecting some flowers and with both those and some more materials made some arts and crafts artwork.Euralien felt the urge to touch her,he nuzzled her and rubed her back abit.Vapporya liked that and asked him if he could touch her more.He complied and she placed herself in sitting position,backs turned and asked him on which places he should touch her.He did and she liked it very much.After the six minutes,she offered him the same treatment,touching him on the same placed he did. Euralien and Vapporya nuzzled together and sliped an intimate kiss along the way.Soon when their lips parted,he asked if he touch her more and she complied.He was stroking her body while she was first in laying position and then standing,backs turned.But soon then,he got curious if his mate would appritiate the sensual appeal of the physical contact with him.He touched to her sensitive place and Vapporya taken back,not from suprise but from the realisation that her husband just got bold and dared to touch her their where he shouldn't have.She didn't mind it,it actually felt really pleasent and it brought her back to the time when Euralien first mated with her back on Earth in Albion.By then he forgave her for playing her part in the conspirecy and fully accepted her as his mate along side Vilina and Aurora.They were both very kind to her which made her feel very attracted to both him and his two mates. She asked her mate in very seductive tone if he would like something more from her,and he complied that he would like to lay with her and make her happy as if the first way when he accepted her into his harem. She was really happy that he asked her that and she gave him her permission to lay with her.The two had a long fun this day. Next day after his lovely day spent with Vapporya,Euralien visited each of his mates,starting with Vilina to Gesselana,and each of them had a wonderous day together with their husband. Later as the time passed,Vapporya layed her egg and she was really overjoied.For Efnetruma,Euralien's eight mate annouced that the egg is fertilised and that there is a great chance that Vapporya will soon become the mother of the third child. Happy Valentines Day to all those lucky couples around the world and remember all those amazing days when all the contact were allowed and in abundance and people could really love and touch one another without the fear of causing har to each other. Stay safe and be just a little more patient until we are all safe. Euralien and Vapporya belong to me and so does the art.


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