More artworks made by Lakshita Jain

"V" The mystery man

Type: contest Uploaded: 2021-04-03


V's famous dialogues- HI GUYS!! MY NAME IS V AND I AM A GOOD BOY โœŒ Our mystery man has his hidden motives and hence the allure . Some suspicious activites are going on in the city like hanging of corrupt police officers over the bridge with all there pending case files , disclosure of thieves faces in the robberies etc . Every one is thinking who is behind all this activities? Who is the mystery man? Why he is doing so ? Is he doing alone all this or having a team members along with him? So our mystery man "V" is behind all this and he is doing all this for making the city a better place of living and providing justice to the people which was not provided by the court so our mystery man is a threat to all the corrupt public servants and a god to the victims


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